Love your weaknesses

All businesses should love their weaknesses. Properly managed, they have the potential to make the business efficient and valued by both customers and employees. Avoiding them sooner or later leads to ruin.

All development requires at least three components:
- Good knowledge of what is important for the business
- Eager to identify areas for improvement
- Ability to develop and change

Business companies are keen on their brands. In an increasingly value-driven world and with rapid media dissemination, the reputation, on good grounds, is closely linked to success. The tendency is the same even for many public enterprises. The marketing strategy is rarely limited to external communication. The brand is often treated equally extensively internally. It is not without problems.

Especially not if it causes actual problems to be swept under the carpet.

It is not infrequent that I come into contact with businesses that want to strengthen their development ability, but who at the same time do not want to expose perceived weaknesses. Unfortunately, it is a step 22.

Without insight into what is important, the business cannot identify significant areas of improvement - But without a desire to identify areas of improvement, there are no prerequisites for development at all.

It is also not brand-related: a business without self-awareness that does not dare to investigate its own development needs, can neither develop nor live up to its own internal marketing. The reputation will sooner or later collapse. Often it crashes inside and out, with the loss of the most important employees.

A business with self-confidence does not have to rely on internal marketing. By actively seeking and identifying significant areas of improvement, and improving them, a positive momentum is created. Genuine loyalty, in both employees and customers, is created by taking the weaknesses seriously and constantly improving.

Therefore, all companies and businesses should love their weaknesses - not try to sweep them under the rug.