New IT system without business development - like dancing without music!

Of course, it is possible to dance without music, and certainly it is possible to introduce an IT system without developing the organization's working methods and processes. But honestly, is it still much more fun to dance when we have music?

At the Quality Fair in Gothenburg last week, I heard many who told me that they were planning, or were in the middle of, an introduction of different system solutions. I see this as something positive, I think many organizations can develop and streamline their operations with the support of IT. All Swedish authorities will also be more digitized through the development of e-services and e-government. For example, we expect today to be able to apply for preschool space and building permits through flexible digital e-services.

Furthermore, many people spoke of the fact that the system introduction had meant an opportunity to develop and adapt the organization's working methods and processes. What I turned off, on the other hand, was how many people chose to describe their digitization challenges from a system perspective. "We are currently procuring a new decision support system, we are considering purchasing a new HR system ...". The acquisition of IT systems was in focus and the needs of the business were given a hidden spot. To me, the system is a tool and tool that the business uses to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. Then we also need to focus more clearly on how we connect the company's goals and assignments to procurement of IT systems.

I know, you know, I know… that most people understand, of course, that a system introduction means a golden opportunity to develop working methods and business processes. At least in theory. In practice, unfortunately, most often it is the system procurement itself that comes first, while the reason why the new IT system is actually to be introduced is lost along the way. You already know the consequences. The business is subsequently forced to adapt to the IT system and potential improvements are lost

I am convinced that we dance better if we have music. I am also convinced that we will go the longest and create the most value if we are based on the mission and goals of the business and choose our IT systems accordingly. So the next time we talk about the challenges of digitalization, let's focus on business needs and goals and how a new IT system can help us achieve our goals and meet business needs.