Project development in Christmas garb

Visions require planning, structure and skills in order to be realized.


Five years ago I sat with a big lump of gingerbread dough in front of me on the table and was filled with inspiration. This year's gingerbread house would become a Moomin House!


With three rather small children running around my legs, I cut out the dough by hand without any thought and built on my vision. I took all roles in the project and guided without structure towards a goal that was only in my head. The inclusion of my back colleagues was limited, I wanted to be a little secret and then beat them with amazement. It ended with Karlsson's glue in the joints and a lot of cotton to cover the cracks. The gap between the vision and the end result was, to put it mildly, quite large.


I learned some of my first attempt. 

Numer is the house building firmly rooted in the whole family. My tasks have changed and are limited to the purchase of the right kind of dough, preparation of the purchased templates and responsibility for recurring delivery of Christmas must during the construction. The other four in the family also have their specialty areas. Someone makes the walls, another decorates, a third whispers christianity and the youngest takes the deployment of the Moomin family very seriously.


This year's back was in no time, no one burned on the sugar and even the cleaning went faster than previous years.


The gingerbread house is no longer mine. It is the organization. When everyone wants, the plan is clear, responsibility is defined and everyone works at the top of their skills, you can achieve much more than when you build on your own. The time you spend on anchoring, planning and preparation creates projects that last a long time and which eventually become part of the company's DNA.


In addition, the result is both more beautiful and tastier without the paste.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!