Realize BIM in property management 2016 - a New Year's promise?

"It radiates a star of marvelous gentleness, in the east of the sky she stands."

A new year is ahead of our feet and many are looking ahead. Possibly 2016 will be the year when we actually keep our New Year's promises to start exercising, stop eating sweets, read more books, learn a new language and so on. In the real estate industry, BIM (Building Information Model) is a guiding star that is growing ever stronger. Can BIM in real estate management become a reality in 2016? A New Year's pledge we are happy to follow up when the year is over.

In simple terms, BIM is a way of keeping all components and its information together in a property and has long been a matter of course on the building side of the real estate industry. For a number of years now, we can see an increasing interest from managing real estate companies to adopt BIM, at least adopting a BIM strategy.

The star it shines, but not without the clouds clouding in the form of challenges such as boundary issues around standards, concepts, processes, working methods and updating of information. There are therefore several meeting forums in Sweden that discuss and work on developing common guidelines for BIM in the real estate industry. One of these is BIM Alliance.

We are often surprised by the fact that the individual real estate company too often stops in its BIM development and that it instead becomes a system issue or a question about different drawing formats. BOS in property management is a bigger issue than that! Include cross-border processes, work methods and knowledge about the area and their own operations for what it is about the right information in the right place and at the right time during a real estate life cycle. BIM is strategically important and therefore a management issue that with the right use can support many business-critical processes and also generate benefits in kronor and the island.

New standards, formats and new technologies create the conditions for individual actors to realize the benefits with BIM and coherent information. If 2015 was the year we talked about BIM in property management then maybe 2016 is the year that we see it happening for real. The question we all ask is: Who in real estate Sweden should be the guiding star who takes the lead and shows the other way?

Ekan Management works daily to realize ambitious goals and create real benefits for companies and organizations. So at the beginning of the new year, we want to look ahead to an evening of inspiration about BIM which will take place later this spring. The meeting will touch on BIM and how this is changing the view of the property's life cycle. We get to take part in interesting and inspiring lectures on BIM as well as concrete examples of how BIM can be used in the real estate industry. Invited lecturers are Jan-Anders Jönsson from the BIM Alliance and Johannes Gustafsson, former BIM administrator at the Local Government, City of Gothenburg. More information about this event is coming soon.