To know his team - and his opponent

Before the summer, Ekan made a historic entry on the Gothenburg rivals soccer stadium. We were a committed and tagged team that set up for the first match against SCC Corvino in the lowest corps division in Gothenburg. It is wonderful in some way to see their - usually - controlled and professional colleagues drop the heat in the heat of the battle, make overpriced tabs and fail at home jobs. Something happens to a group when you have been sweating, fighting and screaming. We get to know new sides of each other, which is something that helps us build a strong team in the office after the matches.

I have been active in team sports since I was seven years old and to me a football match is in many ways like our customer projects - albeit in very compressed form. It is about knowing oneself and one's surroundings. What can I do, what can my team do, what can my opponent do? What kind of strategy do I have for turning my strengths into productive results? How do I adjust my strategy based on who I meet on the other side?

Whether it is about kicking that guy's round ball into goal, or helping a customer in port with a complex change, the method is about the same. Understanding the playing field, maximizing one's own potential and learning from temporary setbacks create good conditions for long-term success.

Now maybe someone is wondering how the matches went? Let's just say that our entry values and our potential when it comes to management consulting are better than in football. Ekan Management is a well-oiled machinery with over 30 years of fine-tuning of methods and processes. Ekan Football Club is in comparison a bunch of newly hatched pigeons out on adventure. We are still getting to know our conditions. But - we believe in the method and expect to be a strong challenger for the next season!