Ann Palmér

Business area manager Community development

Ann's strengths lie in the breadth of experience and the ability to quickly understand the customer's business and needs. After many years in the consulting industry, she has accumulated a great deal of experience in management, management, and development in various forms. Ann has worked both as a consultant and as an employee in public and private operations in several industries, including community development, real estate, infrastructure and industry.

Through broad basic knowledge and an open and analytical approach, Ann challenges both individuals and organizations to develop, streamline or change to achieve a desired result. She has extensive experience of acting in both operational and strategic roles and complex projects or activities attract her creative and solution-focused qualities.

Ann is positive, prestigious and loyal and her commitment makes her a popular leader of education, facilitator and speaker. Ann contributes both as a team player and leader and her driving force helps to involve and realize in different contexts.

Within Ekan, Ann usually works in business development around project, program and portfolio management, transparency and analysis of operations or long-term sustainable community development.