Social engagement

For us at Ekan Management, it feels good to be able to make an extra effort. Not just for the customers we work with every day, but also for other businesses and ideas that we are passionate about. We see our work with CSR as part of enabling our customers, our employees and our owners to feel proud and satisfied with being part of what Ekan Management does.

Our contribution can consist of both financial contribution and pro bono work. Today we support the following organizations, among others:

  • Kiva
  • Global Virome Project
  • trading Consulting
  • Gothenburg School of Business
  • A number of local sports associations

Ekan Management is also a member of the CSR Western Sweden association where companies work together to improve their operations from a CSR perspective. Conferences, skills development and communication can be found on the agenda based on the words “Global responsibility through Local Development”.

Through consistent environmental work and diplomacy in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Base's national environmental management system, Ekan tries to do what we can to create a smaller ecological footprint. In addition, we are a certified bicycle-friendly workplace, have eco-policies on our purchases, compostable waste and a whole host of other efforts that reduce our environmental impact.

Diploma Swedish Environmental Base

Ekan Management's environmental policy

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