Webinar series on better collaboration in community building

Have you experienced that:

  • Different approaches between clients - implementers - managers cause dissatisfaction within projects?
  • Are project costs increasing due to unclear expectations and conditions?
  • Does the collaboration become more than sentences on a piece of paper?
  • Rigid contracts and project structures lead to lower commitment and worse projects?

This can be prevented through a dynamic approach where:

  • Transparency permeates all stages of the project and all parts of the project organization.
  • Project participants are inspired to commit through common goals.

At Ekan Management, we work to challenge structures and working methods that are taken for granted and that have not developed in step with the outside world. A clear example of this is our outstanding work with dynamic control models where we challenge and develop working methods in financial and operational management. Dynamic management is about using agile approaches in everything from planning operations, allocating resources and following up, to building, leading and motivating organizations. All this in a coordinated whole.

Through our experience in all stages of community building - early and late phases, projects and programs - we have seen a need to challenge the casual truths that have been established about how projects are planned, how they are targeted and how cooperation is conducted. We believe that new approaches are required to ensure better cooperation, innovation, quality and results in community building projects. We are convinced that dynamic control is not reserved for line operations, but that it can be successfully applied to the complex operations that civil engineering entails.

Three webinars on tackling the challenges

In a series of webinars in September, we will present new ways of thinking and theories that can be used to strengthen the conditions for success with community building projects. The social development that is realized through projects and programs is affected by an environment that is changing and complex. In order to manage this, acceptance of the conditions, agile working methods, dynamic flows and adapted structures are required, among other things. By working together, we can increase commitment, enjoy projects better and contribute to long-term sustainable development for us and for the future - Simply build for life!

Register here for our three lunch webinars on September 1, 8 and 29

1 September at 12-1pm: Target image - This is how the goals guide the journey towards successful project collaboration. The speaker is Torbjörn Grahn, senior management consultant, Ekan Management

Watch recording of Webinar 1 "Target" here.

8 September at 12-1pm: Trust - Transparency breeds trust and trust is the basis for real collaboration. The speaker is Berndt Spångberg, senior management consultant, Ekan Management

See recording of Webinar 2 "Trust" here.

29 September at 12-1pm: Engagement - This is how the goals guide the journey towards successful project collaboration. The speaker is Ann Palmér, senior management consultant, Ekan Management

See recording of Webinar 3 "Engagement" here.