3 digital workshops to lead at a distance and in uncertainty

The new situation places great demands on us, both as citizens, but also as leaders and employees. Many of the models and tools we usually use work poorly in times of uncertainty and high complexity. As a leader, we are expected to be able to provide answers, create security and provide a direction for employees and the business. As employees, we are expected to be able to take on our employee responsibility and be able to continue to perform our duties. As much of our work now needs to be done remotely, so does the need for attitudes and structures that promote effective teamwork.

We offer digital workshops on how to lead in uncertainty and to lead remotely:

  • At our digital workshop Lead from a distance (30/3 at 9-12) we go through the success factors for working remotely and communicate tools and checklists to create structure and direction in the distance work, how to create a safe climate at a distance, and how to conduct effective meetings
  • At our digital workshop Lead in uncertainty (3/4 at 13-16) we provide models and tools to better understand and manage uncertainty and complexity, both with ourselves, with our employees and with the organization as a whole. We will also go through what leadership is required to lead both self and others in a complex and unpredictable environment.
  • We also offer a digital, interactive, workshop to manage uncertainty and change directed at groups of employees (6/4 at 9-12). In this workshop we provide the basics of how we people handle change and how we can create a positive direction even in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Here, self-leadership becomes important in order to take an active workforce.

The workshops are conducted digitally where shorter theoretical reviews are interspersed with interactive elements and discussions. There is also room to bring your own issues for discussion to these workshops.

For more information about the offer, see here: 3 digital workshops in distance and uncertainty management. Get in touch Marie Langenfeld if you want to sign up for one of the digital workshops above, or if you want a tailor-made digital workshop for your organization.