3 webinars: Sharpen your ability in public activities

During the month of November Ekan Management three webinars with three different perspectives that are all super hot in these times:

  • How can you best manage and lead the business through trust when direct monitoring is neither possible nor desirable?
  • How do we make the best use of the conditions and opportunities of digitalisation?
  • How do we get real benefit from a process-based approach?

All themes are based on Ekan's long experience of working with these issues with a large variety of customers. Participants will receive practical tips and examples from our assignments.

Situational financial and business management - a path to trust

Time: 27 November 8.30-9.30

Participants: Rikard Olsson and Knut Fahlén

Contact person for registration: johan.frisack@ekan.com

The work of the trust delegation has largely focused on leadership as a way to increase trust in authorities and municipalities.

For this, traditional budgetary management works poorly and is an obstacle to trust-based governance. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that not only the leadership but also the budget process is developed and modernized so that public activities can continue to develop.

Knut Fahlén, author of the book Situation-adapted financial and business management and Rikard Olsson, senior management consultant at Ekan, give an introduction to how public activities can work for increased efficiency and trust through structure and process development of the budget.

Digital transformation in the public sector

Time: 27 November 10.30-11.00

Participants: Anna Wigsén

Contact person for registration:karin.arnholm@ekan.com

A webinar on how digitalisation enables existing work processes to be replaced by new digital processes, but also that completely new things become possible to implement. Digitally transforming its business is no longer an opportunity, but rather a prerequisite for the business's ability to work efficiently and meet new needs. The webinar will touch on how a business goes from the idea "this is what we should do" to how the business really starts its digital journey.

Process as a tool for doing the right things - in the right way

Time: November 30, 11-11.30

Participants: Andreas Öst-Wifstrand and David Lundkvist

Contact person for registration: david.lundkvist@ekan.com

In business management in our fast-moving world, processes have become, and will continue to be, an effective link between strategic goals, service production and user needs. Process orientation and optimization are also important tools for increased efficiency, strengthened quality and for influencing cultural changes and improving governance.

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