AB Housing in Borås has sharpened its operations

AB Housing in Borås in 2006 started work on replacing their property system which they have been using for 15 years. The reason for the change was that the system did not provide the support needed for the operations. The company requested a new system support in combination with new working methods.

-We had a need to get better system support in our processes for increased customer benefit as well as increased internal efficiency and fewer manual routines. In addition, we found it difficult to get a complete picture of the information we needed. Ekan was given the task of project management work to procure and implement a new real estate system and develop more efficient working methods, says Klas Johansson, IT manager and internal project manager.

Customer portal for better service to new customers and existing tenants

One result of the change work that was carried out was the introduction of a web service for leasing and reporting.   

-Now, our tenants can settle cases, for example make misrepresentations and find information about contracts or financial status at any time, regardless of any telephone hours or the like, says Madeleine Carlsson, supervisor Bobutik, and continues: 

-While we have marketed the rental service, many new customers use it, probably because it is an easy way to search for an apartment. Before launching the service we feared that we would not reach all customers but it has been found that most people think the service works really well. In addition to offering customers our services in new ways, we have also streamlined the internal processes. Information that has been requested has become easily accessible in the system.

-In the past, the information was disseminated in different sources, including in binders and in our heads. The change also means that we have received much less handling of letters, much of the information can be handled via e-mail, which means lower costs and a more environmentally friendly alternative. Among other things, the management of student apartments is fully automated from a student registering as interested in an apartment to the electronic contract on a student apartment. 

Mobility provides satisfied customers and internal efficiency

The process for handling work orders was reviewed, which resulted in all staff in the field starting to work in a new way with mobile support.  

The repairman Christer Pettersson explains how mobility has changed his everyday life:

- By working with work orders on the mobile phone, the working day can be better planned. I get the work orders directly on the phone, the information is constantly updated which means that you do not have to travel so much back and forth between the office and the tenants without being able to plan their work effectively. The work with work orders on the phone started quickly and everyone regardless of prior knowledge had easy to learn the new mobile working method.

The fact that mobility has had positive effects is also evident in the office. Operations administrator Anne Gabrielsson says:

-We have already received positive response from the tenants. Previously, it could take 2-3 weeks for a work order to be resolved. Now, most things are fixed on the same day!  

The customer survey also clearly showed that customer satisfaction increased thanks to the new working methods with mobile support. The next step for AB Bostäder in Borås is to connect the suppliers more closely by starting an Entrepreneurs web. The idea is that AB Bostäder in Borås publishes orders on the web that the contractors can acknowledge and also report back after work has been done.

Compiled and easily accessible information

The information is more comprehensive and easily accessible than before. Now that a lot of new ways of working have been established in the business, we are facing new challenges. Among other things, AB Bostäder in Borås aims to develop the way to follow up its operations.

"The rib is raised all the time, when you see how much is possible to do, you are encouraged to think further and develop working methods and systems further," says Madeleine Carlsson.

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