Meet us at Stratsysdagarna May 28-29

Ekan Management will be exhibiting at Stratsysdag 2015. The event is organized by Stratsys who, with the days, strives to create a leading meeting place for effective business management and they have therefore invited Ekan Management and other companies to contribute to it. The event will be held at Clarion Hotel Stockholm May 28-29. See program.

Ekan Management - Experience and innovative thinking

Proper use of IT systems for decision support and business management is the origin of Ekan Management's operations. Over 30 years later it is still a part of our DNA. With experience and innovation, we help more customers today than ever to reach their full potential.

We have many assignments within, and take an active part in the development of new management and governance models for both the private and public sectors. Today we are internationally driving within Management Innovation (renewal of management and governance), including as representative of the Beyond Budgeting Institute in Sweden.

From strategic plan to success…

First the strategy is developed and then it will be realized. That's when things start to get complicated. At Ekan Management, we believe that the implementation of the strategy requires that employees see their part in the whole. This, in turn, often means that the strategy needs to be communicated effectively and concretized into goals and activities that are relevant to the various parts of the organization. The winding road to success is supported by stubborn, proactive, analytical and compliant governance. It's the craft.

IT systems for decision support and business management are the tools that the best craftsmen cannot do without. Success depends on understanding how a tool should be used and using it correctly to exploit its potential. Does the IT system support the control models and management processes that exist in the business and do the users understand how to use the system?

... with the right system support

Whether an investment in a new IT system is required depends on what needs exist, what current IT support can and if the business uses the system correctly. There is often great potential in analyzing needs and developing system use. It is also important to dare to challenge their governance model and management process - are they based on the right assumptions? Are they communicated? Are they used as intended?

By identifying and working on these issues, businesses achieve tangible and lasting improvements. If the answer then is that investment in new IT systems is required, then you are well equipped for this.

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