Another tip in strategy and management

We welcome Alan Schürer to Ekan Management. He further strengthens our strong position with over ten years of experience as a senior management consultant. In the consulting industry, he has previously been part owner / partner and held senior positions, such as Nordic consulting manager, product manager (Strategy & Management) and responsible for various markets such as the real estate industry and the public sector. He has held these services partly at a successful small consulting firm and partly at an international group. Prior to that, Alan worked as a trainer, as an assignment researcher at the Gothenburg School of Economics and as an internal consultant in the real estate industry.

As a consultant, Alan Schürer has carried out a large number of assignments in state and municipal administration, public companies, the real estate and transport industry, and in the field of infrastructure. He also has experience from education, regional development, health care, the packaging industry and IT.

Previous assignments have covered everything from focus issues (strategy) and governance / implementation to business and business development and change work. Alan often takes on roles as an analyst, advisor and coach, and as a project manager to lead change and contribute with customer development.

Alan Schürer is a PhD in Business Administration with a focus on change and development work, and has a degree in law. in International Relations.

Are there any assignments / experiences that you particularly want to highlight?
- For two years, I held the Government Offices' leadership program for 24 heads of government regarding leadership, governance and business development.
- For three years, I led a major industry collaboration, Attractive Stations, where 20 organizations, 4 owners, 10 sub-projects, 150 project participants, developed travel centers based on the needs of travelers.
- I was responsible for business development at a customer for two years, where 25 potential offers were identified and seven were commercialized.
- Has helped several real estate companies to strengthen their customer work in different ways, from reviewing their strategy, organization, processes, offers and pricing models.
- For three years, I was the project leader for the Development Council of the Parts Council, where 25 authorities were trained and coached on concrete change work.

How did you come to Ekan Management?
Ekan is a very exciting Swedish alternative to the big Anglo-Saxon companies and which helps to develop the management consulting industry.

With offices in both Gothenburg and Stockholm, there is the opportunity to work throughout Sweden and with many exciting and talented customers.

I have followed the company for 15 years and have always felt that Ekan is based on customer needs and therefore strongly contributes to their development, efficiency, growth, quality, etc.

The company has a genuine willingness to help customers and I also strongly believe in Ekan's customer promise; to challenge and involve customers, and contribute to something concrete (achievable) for the customer.

We at Ekan Management warmly welcome Alan Schürer, and look forward to many assignments where we can develop customers together!

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