Bengt Karlöf appointed honorary member of Sweden's Management Consultants (SAMC)

On December 4, Bengt Karlöf, a prominent personality in the management area, both in Sweden and in the Nordic countries and in Europe, was named honorary member of the Swedish Association of Management Consultants (SAMC). The picture shows Bengt Karlöf tv and th Dag Larsson, Ekan's CEO as well as SAMC's chairman. Bengt Karlöf has also been a board member of the association. Earlier, the association's founder Holger Bohlin is also an honorary member. The areas of management that Bengt focused on are strategy development, efficiency, good role models in the form of benchmarking and, above all, Benchlearning® and management. In the broad professional field - management - has the book Management from A to Z has become a success not only in the Nordic and Europe but also in Russian and Chinese. To give a broad overview of the area nowadays Management Manual - for nobles, priests, citizens and peasants. Bengt works as a lecturer, seminar leader, consultant and author. In conjunction with the award, Bengt gave an estimated look at the management area, how it has developed over time and what the future offers

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