Framework agreements and assignments at the Swedish Church

Ekan Management has signed a framework agreement with Swedish Church national level, including advisory and investigative work linked to property management and system support. The contract period starts in April 2016 for two years, with the possibility of extending another year.

As a first assignment, Ekan has since June supported the work on a feasibility study for a joint IT support for property management with the aim of clarifying the parishes' need for system support, information and skills regarding property management. The work is carried out in conjunction with the property support unit, which is responsible for support and cooperation in property issues within the Swedish Church.

About the Church of Sweden:

The Swedish Church has about 6.2 million members, 63.2 percent of the population, and is one of the largest property owners in Sweden and the stewards of the country's largest cohesive cultural heritage. The number of churches and chapels owned by the Swedish Church amounts to nearly 3,400, of which just over 3,000 are protected by the Cultural Environment Act. Operations at the national level are largely carried out at the church office in Uppsala with approximately 380 employees. Almost 100 people work abroad. In 2015, the Swedish Church consisted of 1,365 parishes and 31 overseas parishes.

“It is with pride that we at Ekan Management can announce a new framework agreement with the Swedish Church. We have a long experience of working with real estate issues, especially with a system focus, and I look forward to seeing how our consultants can contribute to the development of the Swedish Church ” says Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan Management.

Contact person Swedish Church: Henrik Engqvist, project manager

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