Knut Fahlén was awarded the International Book Awards

According to International Book Awards, Knut Fahlén has authored one of the best Management and Leadership books in 2019. I Dynamic Management Strategy: A Guide to Management Innovation and Competitive Advantage describes how companies can become more agile and better adapted to today's fast-moving reality.

The book discusses how dynamic companies work with the six building blocks of goal management, follow-up and forecasting, resource allocation, organization, trust-based leadership and reward models. Concrete examples are given from eight successful companies from different industries and different parts of the world; Arla Foods, Aviva, Coloplast, Equinor (Statoil until 2018), Handelsbanken, Main Freight, Smelt and Uno-X Automatic (a company in Reitangruppen). They work actively with change and develop their control models to create better conditions for acting in a changing world. By being at the forefront, they leave much of the traditional budget management with a fixed annual planning horizon, retrospective follow-up and hierarchically organized management.

The book is available as e-book, in the Swedish bookstore and online retailers: Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle Shop, Google Play and more.

About the author
Knut Fahlén is active as a management consultant, researcher and author at Ekan Management and has a doctorate in business administration. The book is his third on governance and leadership under uncertainty and change. Since 2010 he has been active as a lecturer and inspirer in the area of Beyond Budgeting and the network Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT).

"This book is a thorough and highly readable review of a mindset that today is considered radical, but will in the future be considered self-evident" (Bjarte Bogsnes, Chairman Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, Senior Advisor, Equinor)

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