Project for young people in study and work

A new round of ESF-funded projects has now begun and many are in the starting phase. Right now working Ekan Management including the project Hikikomori in Gothenburg City. The aim of the project is for young people who fall into the gap between authorities to enter studies or the labor market.

Project manager Felicia Yeh Nortoft says that:

“We think it will be exciting to work with Ekan Management. It is important that there is a common image from both the project and the evaluator that the purpose of the learning evaluation is to help the project reach its goals ”. 

Ekan Management has several years of experience in learning evaluation / follow-up research and has been an evaluator in a number of projects, both in Western Sweden and in the Stockholm area. We look forward to continuing to work with the ESF Council and supporting projects to achieve their goals during this program period as well.

If hikikomori

Hikikomori is a three-year labor market project in the City of Gothenburg co-financed by European Social Fund (ESF), Employment agency Frölunda, Employment Agency Hisingen and Validation vest (Region Västra Götaland). Four districts in the City of Gothenburg are participating in the project:Askim-Frölunda-Högsbo, Lundby, Norra Hisingen, Västra Göteborg (project owner). 

The project name Hikikomori is Japanese and means to pull away / the one who pulls away. The project will run between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2018.

About the ESF Council

Swedish ESF Council is a government agency under the Ministry of Labor Market with the task of managing the European Social Fund, the European Integration Fund and the Fund for those who have the worst off (Fead) in Sweden. The agency has about 130 employees at eight regional offices around the country and headquarters in Stockholm and Falun. The ESF Council finances projects that focus on skills development, employment measures and integration efforts.

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