Digitization for citizen benefit

Digitization, more efficient administration, use of the state's service center and daring to try were some of the main themes for this year's edition of the ESV day, which took place on October 6 at the Älvsjö fair.

Ekan Management was present in the role of one of the state's framework contract providers. We got many interesting conversations with representatives from the Swedish authorities. Many of the people we talked to thought the day was very interesting. Particularly appreciated was the ministers' clear message about streamlining the state administration and that the authorities need to come together and become more citizen-friendly with simpler and common digitized interfaces such as "my pages".

Several lectures also called for action and dare to try - even though solutions are not perfect and complete. An invitation that many of the participants accepted.

The conversations at our booth were very much about dynamic governance of state authorities and companies as part of improving efficiency and development to meet future challenges. Dynamic governance is an area where we have seen a marked increase in interest from state authorities and the past year Ekan Management will of course continue to help our customers develop in this direction.

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