Distance education on how to succeed with digital meetings

Basic knowledge of the organization's communication tools increases the chance for employees' success rate in collaborating and conducting their meetings in the best possible and most effective way.

For many, the transition from collaborating in person every day to working remotely has happened quickly and for some even overnight. For some employees it is frictionless to switch to digital meetings while for others it means a whole new way of working that can be perceived as complicated and stressful.

There is a lot that comes into play in order to succeed with digital meetings and as a user it is not always easy to understand how to do it. It can be difficult to start the tool, invite to meetings, share screen and files or to change sound settings. In addition, it is not always possible to interpret a discussion based on body language and eye contact in the same way you are used to.

Ekan Management offers a 2-4 hour long digital training, tailored to your business, where you will learn more about the communication tools Skype and / or Teams and how you can best conduct your digital meetings. The training will include basic information about the tools as well as tips on how your employees can work and communicate effectively together. The training takes place at a distance and takes shorter theoretical reviews with interactive elements as well as questions and discussions.

The training can be delivered immediately and adapted to your wishes.

For booking and information, contact Karin Arnholm at karin.arnholm@ekan.com or
070-622 61 72

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