Efficiency and development within municipalities and county councils

On August 20-21 posed Ekan Management out on KOMMEK on new ones MalmöMässan. KOMMEK is one of Sweden's largest meeting places for municipalities and county councils / regions, with a focus on finance, quality, management and governance. About 2,500 people visited the fair.

Ekan Management the slogan during the fair was "We increase your efficiency", a theme that went as a red thread among both visitors and seminars. Many participants described that they need to increase the quality and efficiency of the business while keeping resources unchanged. To achieve this, good follow-up is required to ensure that the right things are done, and that they are done correctly.

Another topic that was frequently discussed at the fair was how the role of the economy develops and what demands for increased competence that this change places. Today, more focus is on strategy and analysis than on accounting transactions. Since 2010, Ekan Management trained about 800 economists in the training "New role of economist - the economist as an analyst", in recent years in collaboration with KEF (Association of Swedish Municipal Economists). Many course participants visited our booth and more trainings are planned both during the fall and next spring. Read more in KEF's open educational programs, www.kef.se.

Government initiative cohesive care for the most ill elderly was also a topic that aroused interest and was discussed at several seminars, including innovations for future care and care. More and more people are living longer and in need of different support efforts, but the resources are at risk. By increasing the use of technical aids, the older people have the opportunity to stay at home longer, and to retain the feeling of being able to manage themselves.

Public dental care in the Västra Götaland region, who collaborates with Ekan Management, held in a lunch seminar on how development work and concrete improvement results are linked. Since 2011, they have worked to increase the capacity for change and development in the organization, a work that has resulted in a learning organization led by development-oriented leaders and employees.

Many new contacts have been created over the days and interesting discussions have been held. We're on Ekan Management look forward to continuing to help municipalities and county councils develop, and help increase the efficiency of public welfare!

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