More efficient control at the Swedish Fortifications Agency

In the spring of 2015, contracts were contracted Ekan Management of Fortifikationsverket to provide support in the work's further development of its processes. The purpose was to strengthen the process orientation as a powerful tool for effective control of the business towards set goals.

A project, with employees from the Swedish Fortifications Agency and Ekan Management, was started with the implementation in three phases:

The project implementation was divided into three phases:

  • Situational Mapping: Initially, the work's current degree was mapped by process orientation, the main process map structure, system support and the organization around the process work.
  • Vision Description: Based on the current situation mapping, a target image for the process's process work was designed. Within the framework of the target image description, questions were answered regarding, among other things, what degree of process orientation the agency wishes to apply, how the process organization and the improvement work should be designed, and how the process work should work to support the management of the work in a good way.
  • Action plan for continued work: Finally, the project formed an action plan for how the work should work effectively to achieve the goal picture. The action plan included, among other things, an updated main process map, timetable and activities for implementation, as well as priorities in the upcoming work.

The project's work was carried out in close dialogue and with clear support in the management team of the agency. The action plan has been reported during the autumn and the Swedish Fortifications Agency is now ready to improve its process work in order to be able to manage the business more efficiently.

Anders Höier, assignment manager at Ekan Management, says that:

“The Swedish Fortifications Agency is a very good example of an organization that recognizes the importance of continually evaluating its working methods and control tools. An approach that enables continuous improvement and a business ready to face the future ”.

Contact person Fortification Agency: Krister Silemo, Head of the Strategic Department,

Contact person Ekan Management: Anders Höier, Vice President and Head of Mission,

The Swedish Fortifications Agency is one of Sweden's largest property owners, with approximately 650 employees and geographical presence throughout the country, which on behalf of the government ensures that the Swedish Armed Forces has well-functioning facilities, land and premises for its operations.

The activities include, for example, running the operation of large garrisons, maintaining land and buildings, rebuilding and rebuilding. Sometimes it also includes decommissioning, divesting and creating conditions for new operations.

The plant's real estate portfolio is wide - ranging from simple cold storage to building memories and high-tech, modern buildings. The agency owns regiment buildings, offices, training facilities, shooting ranges, ports, airports, underground facilities and the land on which the Armed Forces exercises.

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