More efficient handling of error reports at Mimer

Ekan Management has gained the confidence to support Bostads AB Mimer in the process of developing and streamlining the handling of error reports. The project includes mapping and preparation and commissioning of a completely new error reporting concept. The impact goals that Mimer wants to achieve:

  • Even better service to tenants
  • More effective organization
  • Increased control of the property portfolio

Mimer is a real estate company with just over 11,000 apartments and 120 employees, wholly owned by the City of Västerås. The main task is to manage, produce and develop housing and participate in the development of residential areas and neighborhoods where the company owns real estate.

Since its inception in 1985, Ekan Management has continuously worked with real estate issues, within housing and premises issues for the public and private sectors. Over the years, Ekan has been involved in a number of projects with the goal of developing and shaping error reporting concepts with the aim of creating customer value and promoting long-term maintenance of properties.

Contact Bostads AB Mimer: Gunilla Pennanen, Technical Manager,

Contact person Ekan Management: Christoffer Mathiasson, Manager Business Area Real Estate,

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