eHealth lift strengthens digital competence

Stockholm County Medical Area, Karolinska University Hospital, Danderyds Hospital, St Erik's Eye Hospital, Södertälje Hospital and Southern Hospital have been granted funding from the European Social Fund to run a project in the area digital skills development in health care, care and care. The eHealth Health project aims to increase and further develop the employees' skills regarding eHealth, and will continue until 31 December 2018.

Skills development takes place through employee-led dialogue seminars in a network model with interprofessional groups. Through the model, the project hopes to spread knowledge and understanding between different occupational categories, thus creating a more resource-efficient and patient-safe way of working linked to eHealth. Ekan Management is included as a learning evaluator during the project, in order to help the project reach its goals.

"Digitalisation in health care offers new opportunities, but also demands new ways of working and competence in the use of digital tools and services. For the individual employee, it can be a challenge to keep up with the development. It is therefore important that we can create the conditions for skills development for our employees”Says Maria Persson, Project Manager eHealth Health. "We look forward to working with Ekan in the coming years, and it feels valuable to have an external party to check with".

Ekan Management has many years of experience in learning evaluation / follow-up research and has participated as an evaluator in a number of projects, both in western Sweden and in the Stockholm area. We look forward to working with the ESF Council and the eHealth Lift, and supporting the project in achieving the desired results.

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