Our networks for Beyond Budgeting and dynamic business management

We live in a dynamic and exciting time. Not least when it comes to business management. Big and small changes in our environment place new demands on us. We need to be responsive and agile in order to quickly adapt and change course.

We at Ekan Management believe in jointly designing new approaches and methodologies for effective management of tomorrow's businesses. We have therefore started our dynamic network, which is available in both Stockholm and Gothenburg for you as a CFO, Chief Financial Officer or Controller. Are you interested in joining?

The purpose is to ventilate thoughts and ideas during regular meetings to challenge common control models together. Our hope is to both inspire and instill action power. We will in many ways be based on Beyond Budgeting, an approach that has permeated Ekan Management's work for many years. That is, all business management needs to be dynamic, ongoing and adaptable.

Examples of topics discussed in our networks:

  • Development of budget and forecasting processes
  • Trends and concepts in financial and business management
  • Experiences of different system suppliers
  • Employees and motivation
  • Goals and indicators

The meetings are 3-4 per year and free of charge.

There are many of us at Ekan Management who have extensive experience as consultants and from leading positions in financial and business management. Some that you will meet are among others:

  • Katarina Sterley, who has extensive experience both as a consultant and in line roles, most recently as Business Systems Financial Manager at a telecom company. Before that, Katarina held a series of consulting and sales roles, mainly within international software groups.
  • Elisabeth Novotny, who has a breadth of skills that includes everything from the CFO Office to leadership development and staffing. Her background includes roles as senior business partner at a large international company in IT recruitment and controller at a consulting company.
  • Helena Karlsson, who is Senior Management Consultant at Ekan and has many years of experience as finance manager, controller and from business development and governance issues.
  • Rikard Olsson who is Senior Management Consultant at Ekan and CEO of Beyond Budgeting Advisory.
  • Knut Fahlén, Doctor of Economics and Senior Management Consultant at Ekan and author of several books on the subject.
  • Julia Viklund, Senior Management Consultant with many years of experience from designing, setting requirements and introducing structures and flows for the organization's finance function.

A warm welcome to participate in our network if you also feel that it is time for a change!