Employer Branding requires endurance!

The latest issue of the magazine Public Affairs draws attention to Gothenburg City's strategic work with Employer Branding. Human Resources Director Lisskulla Lindström and project manager Maria Tuvegran talk about how the city is working on long-term construction of the employer brand to secure a long-term competence supply. Ekan AB has helped the City of Gothenburg with a target group analysis of the target groups they wish to recruit and retain.

- The municipality has great opportunities to attract younger employees as many of the values and opportunities offered by the municipality are also in demand by young people, says Petter Spanne, management consultant at Ekan AB and project manager for the target group analysis.

- But it is important to communicate with the young people already in primary and secondary school. At the university, many people already have a clear view of the municipality as an employer, and it is then much more difficult to influence the picture, Petter Spanne continues.

What effects has the Gothenburg City Employer Branding work so far produced?

- The image of the City of Gothenburg has started to change, partly thanks to new recruitment advertisements, which are perceived as cocky. We have taken a whole new approach and become better at communicating in general for the entire city, says Lisskulla Lindström, human resources director in the City of Gothenburg.

Read more about Gothenburg City Employer Branding work in the article in Public Affairs:

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