Digital Transformation - the road to long-term competitiveness

What is digital transformation? Why is it relevant to me, it has gone well this far? 

Digitally transforming their business is no longer one ability, but rather one provided for the survival of the business itself. When digitizing the environment, there is no alternative to wait and see. While you are considering, dealing with quality problems, long lead times or lack of analysis, your customers go to your competitors. They are not interested in waiting when there are other options on the market. Like Darwin's theory of evolution, it is about adapting or fading away and dying.

The questions are many in a hotly hot area like digital transformation. On October 24, Ekan Management has the pleasure of inviting you to an evening in the spirit of digitization. We will start the evening with a lecture on Digital Transformation, which deals with the challenges posed by our increasingly digitized environment as well as how you as a company can adapt through so-called digital transformation and digitalisation.

After the lecture, we have the opportunity to participate in a VR tournament and continue to mingle and discuss the possibilities of Digital Transformation with our experienced management consultants.

When: 2019-10-24

Time: Kl. 17: 00-21: 00, Lecture Digital Transformation about 18: 00-18: 30

Who: Everyone who wants to know more about what we at Ekan Management can do for your company

WhereLasarettsgatan 6, 411 19 Gothenburg (Ekan Management office)

Other: Ekan Management offers pizza and drinks during the evening.

Registration: Send an inquiry to any consultant at Ekan Management by mail or LinkedIn.