Experienced leader and purchasing specialist for the Industrial business area

We warmly welcome Niclas Hjerdin to Ekan Management and the Industrial business area. Niclas is an experienced leader with over 20 years of experience in baggage from various positions within purchasing, organizational development and integration in both Swedish and international industry. He is driven by working with situational change and helping organizations and employees become more value-creating, innovative and collaborative.

About his new context, Niclas says:

It feels both developing and challenging to be part of Ekan Management's competent team and to be involved in developing organizations, solutions and ways of working for the future. At Ekan, I see dedicated employees with great expertise and an exciting mix of work areas and customers that allow us to work with both breadth and cutting edge expertise to help our customers move forward. With my experience and my convictions I hope to be able to add new views, methods and solutions for how a modern purchasing organization can work to create more value in the environment in which they operate. A lot is happening now and it is important to dare to think a little differently to be able to handle all the fast turns and at the same time see the goal in a larger context!

Hans-Owe Sjöö, Head of Business Area Industry at Ekan Management, comments on the reinforcement:

The purchasing area is undergoing major transformation based on continued globalization and digitalisation with demands for new and more flexible forms of collaboration within and between organizations. We are therefore very pleased to be able to present our latest reinforcement Niclas Hjerdin, who brings with him a difficult knowledge and experience in the field. We warmly welcome Niclas and look forward to a number of exciting new assignments ahead!

For contact information for Niclas Hjerdin and more information on the modern purchasing function follow the link: The Purchasing function of tomorrow.