Frölunda Specialist Hospital is preparing for the future

The welfare system in general, and health care in particular, faces major challenges regarding the provision of skills, management / governance and resource availability. Moreover, in a changing world, all organizations and businesses must constantly evolve to meet and overcome their challenges.

The cord on Frölunda Specialist Hospital in the Västra Götaland region has accepted this challenge and is preparing for the future through, among other things, a development program in change management for hospital managers.

"We wanted to prepare our managers and provide them with useful tools to meet the future," says hospital director Madeleine Andersson. We constantly develop and change our business based on our assignments.

The development program was implemented during the autumn of 2015 - spring 2016 and the business is now even more prepared for the changes that will come, both in the short and long term.

-Hos us are good managers, says HR Manager Charlotta Moberger Johansson, but it was important that we could create a common platform and language for change, something that Ekan Management helped us. Important elements of Ekan Management's change management program include linking theory with reality and allowing participants to apply the knowledge in their own everyday lives.

Want to know more about change management development programs as part of managing your future challenges? Contact Christian Maloney at Ekan Management., 031-761 60 22

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