From projects to management at the latest meeting in our real estate network

On the 19th of May, the network again met Challengers Network Real Estate. This time the theme was Handing over from project to management - success factors and difficulties. The afternoon started with mingling, food and drinks and continued with interesting discussions and exchange of experiences. The focus was on what the handover from project to management looks like today and how it should work - but also what challenges and opportunities the real estate companies face in the future, not least considering that housing construction in Gothenburg is planned to increase substantially in the coming years.

Three important success factors discussed:
• That the management organization is prepared to receive and manage the information, with adapted working methods and processes
• Good integrations in the system environment, for example between project systems, drawing systems and real estate systems
• Business management in the administration so that the information is used where it is most useful

The network meets quarterly with two new network meetings planned this fall. The participants participate in and propose topics. In the fall, we are planning for an exciting study visit.

We are also looking for new network participants, so please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating. Network moderator is Anna Westberg, management consultant at Ekan Management. A sister network for real estate companies in Stockholm and Mälardalen is soon underway. For information on this please contact Rickard Johansson, also he management consultant at Ekan Management.

Brief about Challengers Network Real Estate:

The network is aimed at people who are driven by development issues and work in close connection with the management team. The aim is to broaden the participants' contact areas, contribute to knowledge and experience exchange, and to discuss issues that are not always addressed in daily work. The participants today represent some of Western Sweden's most interesting real estate companies, both privately and publicly owned, both housing and premises. Presentations and discussion topics are the participants with and influence. The discussion areas cover the entire breadth of the real estate company's operations - such as control and follow-up models, process management, customer management and customer relations, information / communication, IT systems, purchasing management, media consumption and financial management.

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