The future does not end on 31/12

“It is high time to adapt how we control and direct our operations to today's reality. Let's hand over time-consuming budgeting and settlement management to the history books and instead steer forward - beyond the last December. Separating goals and forecasts is a key to success ”.

This means economics doctor Knut Fahlén and Rikard Olsson, management consultant with long experience from strategy and performance management at AstraZeneca.

Fahlén and Olsson meet in their role as management consultants Ekan Management daily managers and controllers with great frustration over heavy and time consuming budget and forecasting processes. At the same time, there is far too little time to discuss the important issues about the future, what is happening in the market and how the organization should act to maintain and strengthen competitiveness.

In this article Fahlén and Olsson tell how companies can change their management processes and create more activity-controlled operations with a focus on the future.



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