Folktand care reports on its structured development work

During KOMMEK- the fair in Malmö presented Ekan Management in association with Public dental care in Västra Götaland a seminar on how Folktandvården through a multi-year effort to introduce systematic development work has increased the efficiency of its organization.

Anders Ljungné, dental manager and Ulrika Nåfält, area manager west, described their challenge in getting a large public organization to adopt a changed approach and how they have succeeded in making a breakthrough throughout the organization for systematic and continuous development work. The seminar also highlighted how Folktandvården has handled the challenge when a professional organization should relate to both rule and goal management. In addition, they emphasized the importance of the steering and management systems supporting a development-oriented leadership and working method.

About 20 strategic decision-makers in the municipality and county councils participated in the estimated seminar and the subsequent discussion. One question that aroused particular curiosity among the audience was how Folktandvården has succeeded in developing the approach to his leadership of first-line executives:

"We have had a clear target image that we have been working towards for a long time. Because we, as senior managers, have clearly strived to act on the basis of development-oriented leadership, a signal has been sent to the business that this work is not a temporary project but a changed management philosophy. Some of the managers have been quicker to adopt the new methodology, while others have needed a little longer starting distance. We must accept this without changing the way we want the business to function”Says Anders Ljungné.


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