The industry group is growing

During the year has Ekan Management had the pleasure of welcoming two more consultants to our Business Area Industry.

David Lundkvist is a civil engineer in Industrial Economics with a degree from Linköping University of Technology. David has experience in product development and start-ups and has a strong interest in new technology and future solutions. This mix of experience and expertise is what our industrial customers need right now.

Maria Lundin holds a master's degree from the Gothenburg School of Business within "Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship". With experience from the automotive industry and China, and a keen interest in business and process development, she has a very attractive profile for our industrial customers.

About the new recruits, says Hans-Owe Sjöö, Business Area Industry Manager at Ekan Management:

- Today, we see a high demand from our industrial customers for business developers who can take hold and implement the efficiency enhancements needed to meet increased demand for products and services. Similarly, new forces are needed that can help to create new business models that better correspond to news within machine to machine communication, digitization and e-commerse. We warmly welcome David and Maria and look forward to lots of exciting assignments going forward.

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