Knut Fahlén appointed ICMCI Academic Fellow

Knut Fahlén, management consultant at Ekan Management and author of several books on dynamic financial and business management, has been appointed as ICMCI Academic Fellow by the international industry organization for management consultants, ICMCI. This prestigious award is given to people in the academy for significant contributions to the development of the management consulting profession. The ICMCI Academic Fellow award has several purposes, such as strengthening the relationship between practitioners and academics in the management field, contributing to increased knowledge and competence of management consultants internationally and to focus on research-based development of the role of management consultant in general. The award is valid for more than 5 years and officially takes place at a ceremony in the Bahamas in October, where the decisive justification will also be announced.

Knut is one of Ekan Management's most engaged lecturers worldwide on the theme of dynamic governance and works everyday to help companies and organizations develop a dynamic and agile governance model to better handle the changing conditions and possibilities of reality. Knut holds a doctorate in business administration from the School of Business and Economics at the University of Gothenburg and is currently active in the school in several different ways.

Earlier this year, Knut's book was named Dynamic Management Strategy as a finalist for the award Book of the Year in the Business: Management & Leadership category. At Ekan Management, we are very happy for Knut's sake and proud to have such a well-known and sought-after colleague.

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