LeanKanban Conference in Bologna

On Agile42s annual LeanKanban conference was invited this year
Beyond Budgeting Institute (BBI) as an inspirational speaker. The conference was held in
Bologna on May 30 and on site there were over 100 expectant and engaged participants,
which was achieved through, among other things, high activity on the twitter page @LeanKanbanSE.

Rikard Olsson, from BBI and Ekan Management, held a
much appreciated lecture on the need for innovation in how we govern and lead
our organizations, as well as how ideas and solutions within Beyond Budgeting help
companies all over the world to adapt to today's challenges and
possibility. The participants noted a clear connection to the Lean movement and
perceived Beyond Budgeting as a modern management philosophy founded in trust and

Among the participants were representatives
from multinational companies that Ericsson, Tetra Pak and General Electric.

Among the speakers was also Joakim Sundén from Swedish Spotify who talked about how their innovative way of managing and managing the business has enabled the company's success.

Read more about the conference and the program in its entirety at http://lkse.leankanban.com/

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