Municipalities and county councils that are honing themselves for the future

Municipalities and county councils today face major challenges. An aging population means an increasing demand for public service. At the same time, the availability of resources is reduced, partly through lower tax revenues and partly through lost competence as a result of the record-breaking generation shift that is ongoing. But Ekan works with several municipalities, regions and county councils that are gearing themselves for the future.

Growing needs

The proportion of older people will increase sharply until 2020. This means an increased need for service, care and care. At the same time, the working part of the population is declining and financing public services is thus becoming an ever more challenging challenge.

By 2025, almost half of all public sector employees will retire. With the same new addition of young people as today, hundreds of thousands of people in the industry will be missing.

The challenges are very large, but there are also many good examples of organizations that are at the forefront and act vigorously to secure their operations in the future.

The public dentistry is investing in continuous improvements

Early dental care in Västra Götaland took the initiative early to work on the challenges that the future holds. Right now, a long-term effort is underway to establish a systematic way of working with continuous improvements, inspired by the ideas surrounding lean, where both managers and employees are involved in the development of the business.

The county councils increase competence

Five county councils, with the Västra Götaland region at the forefront, are currently implementing a comprehensive skills development program for economists. The first phase, "The Economist as an Analyst", has recently been completed with very good reviews from the course participants. Read more about this at the mini-finance seminar New Economics Role at the Quality Fair on November 15.

The City of Gothenburg takes its skills supply seriously

In order to attract and retain employees, it is important to be an attractive employer, both from the outside and in reality. The City of Gothenburg is currently working to secure the supply of skills and develop the organization to be an attractive employer in the future.

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