Nacka municipality develops world-class support functions

On Kvalitetsmässan, which is going on in Gothenburg 3-6 November, Eva Olin, CFO of i Nacka Kommun, about the development work she initiated at the municipality's accounting unit. The work aims to create a modern and proactive support function that gives the business executives world-class support.

The way there has, among other things, consisted of reviewing and developing the work processes of the business, identifying simplifications in support systems and reviewing competencies and working more task oriented. In support of the work has Nacka municipality had Ekan Management.

"Ekan Management was responsible for reviewing work methods, processes and skills. They mapped and documented our work processes and produced an analysis of development areas. The action plan with concrete development activities that were developed forms the basis for the continued development work. Ekan Management has driven the work and been an independent party with extensive experience developing support functions. "

Come and be inspired by Eva Olin. On November 3rd at 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm, you will find her thoughts on modern accounting (and controller) unit (s) and how Nacka municipality creates world-class managerial support.

Location: The scene with Theme of leadership & development in the B-hall plan 1

Ekan Management you will meet in booth B04: 09 about 10 meters from the stage. Please stop by to discuss, among other things, the development of support functions with us!


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