Challenges Network network meeting

On May 11, a network meeting was organized within the framework of the network Challengers Network Real Estate which this time had the theme: Migration - threat or opportunity for real estate companies?

The members of the network represent both municipal and private real estate companies, both housing and premises. The afternoon started with mingle, food and drink and we continued to listen to guest lecturers, Elisabet Sandberg and Seroj Ghazarian. Elisabet has a long and exciting journey as district manager in Gothenburg City Housing Association (Bostadsbolaget) where she has been responsible for residential areas such as Rannebergen, Hammarkullen and Norra Biskopsgården. She brings with her a unique knowledge and experience about tenants in general and migration in particular. Seroj Ghazarian works as an internal resource for Gothenburg City on issues related to human rights, values / attitudes, equal treatment and equal service. The presentation was followed by interesting discussions and exchanges of experience.

The conversation during the evening kept a wide range and touched on everything from the importance of the individual employee's values to solid experiences in quickly arranging accommodation for new arrivals.

Three important issues discussed:

  • Long-term visibility and sustainability are important key factors for influencing development efforts and projects linked to migration in the real estate industry;
  • The importance of employees having a corporate shared value base and falling back on pressure in situations where sometimes quick decisions are required based on a complex background image,
  • The importance of dialogue with the residents and increased cooperation between real estate companies, the municipality and municipal and private companies in the immediate area in order to achieve safe housing.

The network meets quarterly with new network meetings scheduled in the fall of 2016. Participants will have a feel for which topics are being addressed at the meetings. We are looking for new network participants so please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating. Christoffer Mathiasson,, management consultant at Ekan Management.

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