Network meeting on value foundation in the real estate industry

On September 20, a network meeting was organized within the framework of the network Challengers Network Real Estate with the theme: Value base in the real estate industry

The theme was a request from members of the network who represent both state, municipal and private real estate companies, managers of both housing and premises. The meeting started with a joint breakfast and mingle, and we continued to listen to the guest lecturer Heidi Ketola, TF HR and communications manager at the Local Government, who shared their work with a value-driven organization.

In 2011, the Local Government was formed through a merger of three different businesses. They currently manage Gothenburg City's schools and senior housing, a stock of about 2.2 sq.m. To unite the organization, a few years ago, the management initiated a development trip, in which all employees at the local administration participated and together created the image of what they want to stand for.

Some of the success factors for the work, Heidi believes, are the management's commitment, high involvement of employees and managers, process-oriented working methods and confidence in the process, and a permissible climate.

The value management of local government is described in the key words: Together, thoughtfulness, wholeness and leadership. The key words are best exemplified through storytelling, where the employees themselves share good examples from their everyday lives. These stories can be found here.

The participants in the networking meeting found it very inspiring to take part in the Local Government's journey, which was evident in the questions, discussions and exchange of experiences that were raised during the morning. Examples of reflections on the benefits of a common value foundation:

-A common value foundation is needed as support for making the right decisions on the issues that cannot be controlled via guidelines or policies. We got several examples from our participants of both positive and negative experiences.

-There are ever-changing changes in our surroundings and within the organization, which means that there is a recurring need to work with value values, whether an organization is young or old.

The network will meet on a quarterly basis with the next network meeting scheduled for 30 November 2016. The participants will have the impression on which topics are dealt with at the meetings. We are looking for new network participants so please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating. Jesper Paulsson,, management consultant at Ekan Management.

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