Networking for you in the real estate industry

Since 2014 the driver Ekan Management the Challengers Network network, which is aimed at tomorrow's leaders in the real estate industry. The goal is for the network to give participants the opportunity to create new contact areas, exchange knowledge and experience with industry colleagues and discuss issues that are not given time in everyday life.

The network is aimed at people who are driven by development issues and work in close connection with the management team. The participants also represent some of West Sweden's most interesting real estate companies, both private and publicly owned - both housing and premises.

The network meetings are held once a quarter, consisting of mingles, guided discussions, guest lecturers, exercises with group discussions and study visits. As a rule, we meet at Ekan's office, Lasarettsgatan 6 in Gothenburg. Presentations and discussion topics are the participants with and decide. Topics cover the entire breadth of the real estate company's operations - such as control and follow-up models, process management, customer management and customer relations, information / communication, IT systems, purchasing management, media consumption and more. We want to highlight all the areas that are important for a management team at a property management company.

The members of the network currently work as unit manager, operations developer, operations controller, customer service manager, property manager, operations and service manager or marketing manager.

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