New book: Dynamic Management Strategy

New book on Management Innovation for increased competitiveness

Knut Fahlén, management consultant at Ekan Management, is up to date with yet another book on Management Innovation. The book highlights how companies can become more agile and better adapted to today's fast-moving reality.

In the book, Knut describes through theory and practical examples how companies can change their control models to become more dynamic. The description includes the six building blocks goal management, follow-up and forecasting, resource allocation, organization, trust-based leadership and reward models. Companies that actively work with change and develop these parts create better conditions for acting in a changing world. Those at the forefront leave much of the traditional control model with a fixed annual planning horizon, retrospective follow-up and hierarchically organized management.

The book is designed as a guide for how control and management models can be developed and adapted to the specific organization's reality. Concrete examples are given from eight successful companies from different industries and different parts of the world; Arla Foods, Aviva, Coloplast, Equinor (Statoil until 2018), Handelsbanken, Main Freight, Smelt and Uno-X Automatic (a company in Reitangruppen).

The book is aimed at those who work with financial and business management regardless of industry and size of companies, and want to make the organization more fast-moving, competitive and sustainably profitable.

About the author
Knut Fahlén is active as a management consultant, researcher and writer at Ekan Management and has a PhD in business administration. The book is his third on governance and leadership under uncertainty and change. Since 2010 he has been active as a lecturer and inspector in the area of Beyond Budgeting and the network Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT).

Title: Dynamic Management Strategy
Author: Knut Fahlén
ISBN: 978-91-88095-93-0

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