New times require new solutions

Last week, the autumn started with a grim start when KOMMEK, the country's leading meeting place for economists, business developers and decision-makers within municipalities, county councils and regions, took place at the Malmö Fair. Ekan Management was the place to meet old and new customers, find out what is relevant in public operations and to fill up with inspiration for upcoming assignments. Many of the program points were about how we get the tax money enough, health care and collaboration between county councils and municipalities.

Our book-breaking colleague Knut Fahlén held a full seminar for 300 people on the theme "Beyond Budgeting - dynamic financial and business management". A theme that engaged and raised many ideas about how municipalities and county councils can develop the traditional budget process with a further focus on forecasting, resource allocation, goals and follow-up. The book "Beyond budgeting in practice" is available in retail week 35, but can already be ordered now

Together with KEF (the Association of Municipal Economists) we organized the lunch seminar Modern support function - Made by Ekan Management and KEF. Some 20 specially invited guests were given concrete advice and tips on how to develop a sharper economy function and a modern support function, which was much appreciated by the guests.

New times, as you know, require new solutions - we at Ekan Management look forward to being able to develop these solutions!
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