New thinking in focus at KOMMEK 2012!

On August 22-23, Ekan once again exhibited at KOMMEK in Malmö at the new Malmö Fair. KOMMEK is one of Sweden's largest public sector meeting places, with a focus on finance, quality, management and governance. At Ekan's booth, Folktandvården also exhibited the Västra Götaland region and dental director Gunnar Eriksson, a familiar face for many visitors, was present. Gunnar Eriksson shared his experiences of Public Health Care's work with his long-term vision, "Healthy in his mouth all his life", and the business development project "Development-oriented leadership" where Folktandvården collaborates with Ekan.

Ekan's slogan at this year's fair was "New thinking creates success - we know from experience", which many of the participants confirmed was a recurring theme even in the seminars. As citizens' increased demands are met with unchanged or diminished resources, the ability to think new is also becoming an increasingly important success factor. This puts the richness of the invention to the test. Meeting to learn from one another is therefore extremely valuable.

- Many seminars and discussions were about how municipalities and county councils can develop their working methods and processes, so as to become more efficient and deliver higher quality in their services, says Petter Spanne at Ekan. This is one of the biggest challenges facing the public sector in the future, and here many decision makers, who we talked to at the fair, felt that external support was needed to achieve long-term results, Petter Spanne continues.

Ekan's co-worker Knut Fahlén, course leader for the "New Economy Role" program, was also a familiar face to the visitors. Interest in skills development among economists is great and autumn's courses are fully subscribed. More courses are in progress and can be read about KEF: s (Swedish Association of Municipal Economists) open education program.

Many new contacts have been created over the days and we at Ekan are now looking forward to continuing to help municipalities and county councils to develop. See you again at KOMMEK 2014!

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