About the future financial function of the MSc

In the latest issue of civil economist interviewed Ekan Management Rikard Olsson on the future of the finance function. Rikard believes that finance departments and, in particular, controllers need to redefine their roles. Otherwise, outsourcing and away from rationalization threaten.

In order not to end up there, he advocates a division of the finance function into three parts. All so that the part that works with decision support and business support can also do it.

Rikard Olsson, who himself has long worked as a controller, directs a special call to controllers to move away from the "transactional" and instead actively participate in and develop the business. Being curious and wanting to understand the business model is another must.
- It's about taking a seat and not just being with the 15 minutes where the financial report is presented to the management without sitting around and trying to understand the business.

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You can find more about Ekan Management's model for the division and development of the finance function here: The modern support function

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