External work that supports the core business

Arranged on February 25 Nobicon and Updatum an appreciated seminar on digital media and external monitoring. Alan Schürer, Ekan Management, acted moderator to lift discussions and lessons from the day.

Participants in the seminar were communications managers and business developers from businesses and companies within The City of Gothenburg such as Renovations, Executive Office, Labor market and adult education, Cycle and water, Real Estate, Gothenburg Energy and HIGAB and Region Västra Götaland and The Marine and Water Authority.

During the day, it was clear that most organizations have roughly the same challenges. Namely, finding the right information, converting a large amount of information into something that is valuable to the organization and various recipients, and then disseminating and processing the information and integrating lessons learned.

The conversations and exchanges of experience revolved around what is needed to succeed in their external work. Most people agreed that external work needs to be a natural part of the organization's mission and strategy. Often it is necessary that someone owns and is responsible for the external work, that the function is in the right place in the organization, and that there is a process / working method for the external work involving several people, functions and departments.

If you recognize your organization in these challenges, you are welcome to contact Alan Schürer for more information on the seminar or for example on how successful companies are working on these issues.

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