One Company - competitiveness for the future

On October 6, Ekan conducted a much appreciated breakfast seminar in our new premises on Styrmansgatan 2 in Stockholm. Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan, began by describing the challenges that many companies and organizations face as a result of increased complexity, change, internationalization and competitive pressure. As a result of this development, business leaders today express a clear need to consolidate the business and to create "One company" to enable a long-term profitable and competitive business.

Thereafter, Kerstin Anderson, Vice President, took over IL Recycling, at to tell about their successful change journey. When Kerstin took up her assignment three years ago, she joined a company that has undergone a period of strong growth combined with a broadening of the business. In addition, the organization was in the middle of a heavy implementation of a new business system. As a result, the company was in a situation of high workload, fire alarms, lack of communication and local solutions. The consequences were found in the form of dissatisfied customers, high levels of stress among employees and unsatisfactory profitability. The Group management therefore initiated a major change work with the overall vision of a long-term competitive business and "An IL Recycling". The change work included work on common values, development of goal management and establishing a model for process orientation and continuous improvement work with great participation from the entire nationwide organization.

Already today you see positive effects in the form of:

• Increased efficiency and profitability
• A common way of working, simplicity and clarity
• Overall view - an IL Recycling
• A platform for continuous work on process orientation and improvement work

One of the questions from the audience was what was the key to success. Kerstin emphasizes the importance of having decided in the management - "failure did not exist". She also says that the wide participation was crucial and that consultancy assistance was taken early in the process. “Previously bad project experiences come from the fact that we have taken help when things had already gone wrong, to clear up the situation. Then it will be expensive and in addition poor quality ”.

Now IL Recycling continues its change work to bring home all the identified potential and to secure a lasting cultural change.

If you are interested in hearing more about IL Recycling's change journey and what Ekan helped with in the work, you are most welcome to contact Evelina Kambre-Öberg,, +46-8-522 49 151.

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