Business Management 2.0

On November 20, more than 200 people will gather for the annual conference Business Management 2.0. The speaker list includes Hans Oscarsson, CFO at Volvo Cars, and Joakim Hugosson, CFO of one of Sweden's largest real estate companies, Akademiska Hus.

Hans Oscarsson speaks under the heading Business management around the world with Volvo Cars and will give their view on business management that works in reality. With him in the luggage he has difficult experiences from Volvo Cars travel as a Swedish-owned company, on to American management, and now all the way to China.

What role should the finance and controller function play in the future? An issue that is high on the agenda of most CFOs today. Joakim Hugosson (pictured) speaks with great conviction and commitment about the value that is created when the finance and controller function becomes a sought-after partner to the company's business management.

For those who want to delve further into the role of the finance function, there is the opportunity through one of the conference roundtable talks under the heading The visionary finance function. Call manager is Malin Wennebro from Ekan Management who brings with them experiences from, among other things Akademiska Hus development.

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