Opportunity Day offers highly sought-after skills

Companies with great diversity have 35 % a greater chance of being financially successful. Despite that, many people with a non-Swedish background are outside the labor market. So facilitating the recruitment of people with a background other than Swedish is not about charity - quite the opposite. Opportunity Day wants to inspire and make it easier for companies to make good choices when recruiting and shines a light on the business benefits of diversity.

Ekan Management has been a partner of Opportunity Day since its inception in 2016. Christoffer Mathiasson, CEO at Ekan Management, about Ekan's commitment:

"Sweden is in great need of labor in most areas. We also know that there is great potential in all those people of foreign origin who, for various reasons, do not reach the labor market. At the same time, we know that a job is perhaps the most important factor for seriously entering Swedish society, being able to contribute and feeling needed. Opportunity Day is a context where this hidden resource is made visible and given the opportunity to meet potential employers and get a real job. We at Ekan Management are partners with OD because we know that the model works and has been successful for many years."

This year is arranged Opportunity Day on November 13 at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg. Opportunity Day is the meeting place of opportunities, and on the seminar stage O-zone these questions are discussed.

As a partner, Ekan Management can invite guests to O-zone. Contact Anna Segerberg (contact details here) if you want a free ticket. First come!