Place for meetings. Room for opportunities.

On October 30, 2017, the spotlight is put on Gothenburg's initiative for job-related integration. Then it is time for the second year in a row Opportunity Day where civil society, new Gothenburg citizens, old Gothenburg citizens, the municipality, researchers, authorities and the business community get an arena to meet. Ekan Management is a proud partner.

The initiative has its background in a debate article in the Gothenburg Post,"slopp in noring life and fon fart pon integration", addressed to Gothenburg City Management year-end 2014/2015. Ekan Management was one of many signing companies.

At the initiative of the city management, a group of company representatives were later invited to discuss how the city can find more companies and entrepreneurs who want to participate in "Important and Real Jobs". The support was above expectations and the conclusions from these workshops were that there is a lot of support but that the companies do not find it. Most importantly, several of those present also had ideas for new and other ways that could contribute to improvement. One of the participants was the initiator of Opportunity Day, Helena Lindahl, self-employed (Bara Ruth Event and Communication) with background from among other things. the magazine fact. Ulf Tengroth, one of Ekan Management's dedicated consultants, says that:

- Opportunity Day is one of the clearest social enterprise initiatives created outside the public establishment and a very gratifying proof of what a purposeful and stubborn entrepreneur can achieve. Ekan's customer promises to Challenge, Involve and Realize are all fulfilled through Helena's initiative. We therefore participate as a proud partner in contributing to the mission vond challenges to mislandOPPORTUNITIES and lift the profits with a working integration.

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Opportunity Day - Place for meetings. Room for opportunities.

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