The real estate internet

Partly because of the specific properties of properties, but also other industry factors, it seems that the real estate industry will now be in the industry for the development of governance and management in a connected business environment.

Many players in the real estate industry and not least many suppliers are prepared today and have developed systems to support BIoT - Building Internet of Things, or the "Real Estate Internet". But the main question is, as always: How should we use the information so that we achieve the goals - Business development, efficiency and increased value creation for the end user?

Ekan Management works continuously to develop these strategies together with clients in the real estate industry. We also strive to bring together the players in the real estate industry to create discussion and disseminate knowledge.

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IoT - the Internet of Things, or the Internet of Things in Swedish, in many ways changes the rules of the game for the future. It is regarded as the next natural development step after earlier phases such as business application development, mobility (consumerization) and consumerization. IoT originated in the combination of M2M (Machine to Machine) and Big data. M2M has long been used in the industry where data is sent between different machines, processed and used to control process flows, without any human intervention. Big data technologies have been developed in the 2000s, not least driven by companies like Google that have built their businesses on intelligent collection and application of huge amounts of data. IoT is largely the combination of these tracks, and how it is used to improve business development, streamline operations and increase end-user value.

Due to, among other things, the properties of properties (fixed location, linked to infrastructure and the like), it seems that the real estate industry will now take the lead in the development of governance and management in an connected business environment.

What does it mean then?

In essence, it is about much more than what has been possible in the past can now be controlled and optimized. It is often divided into the following main areas:
- Security (fire protection, surveillance, warning systems, etc.)
- Environmental and climate control (flow variation, energy control and energy storage, electricity control, etc.)
- Lighting (lighting control, emergency lighting and monitoring, etc)
- Service (big difference depending on the use of the building, but for example lift system, parking, ventilation, laundry, etc.)
- Business support system (for business properties, for example presence, data analysis with connection to CRM and ERP)

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