The future of the real estate industry on a visit

Since last spring, we at Ekan Management are holding together a network for future leaders and key people in the real estate industry. The participants consist of project managers, managers, property managers, controllers and others, with a common interest in developing the business.

The network is a forum for outward-looking real estate companies in western Sweden to strengthen each other. This is done through in-depth discussions on topics that drive success in the real estate industry - business and financial management, market development, system issues, customer care, change management, process control, etc. The purpose is to create a generous arena where time and energy are created for the important issues that are easily lost. in everyday work. Our hope is that the network will develop the participants and give them the conditions to lead their companies to new heights.

-It's fun to see how the participants effortlessly move between complex issues of goal breakdown and leadership to the underlying causes of satisfied tenants, says Christoffer Mathiasson, business area manager for the real estate industry at Ekan Management. He continues:

-These are issues that need to be discussed and that need to be given space. There is no right or wrong but there is plenty to learn from each other.

Today, the network includes 10 people from 9 companies in Western Sweden.

-I would like to see that we find 5-6 more people who complete the group. Local tenants with great interest in development issues are particularly welcome, says Christoffer.

In 2015, we look forward to setting up a “twin network” in Stockholm where we hope to attract similar key people from the real estate companies in eastern Sweden.

-More people have already heard and shown interest, so there is clearly a craving for this type of meeting place, says Rickard Johansson at the Stockholm office.

Are you, or will you be thinking of, an energy-generating "developer" in your company that should be part of one of our networks? Do you work in or near management with the development of the business? Please contact us!

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